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Buy good quality tools – well made of strong materials, not necessarily luxury bracket models. Avoid gimmicky tools – they are usually more expensive and not as serviceable.


A strong wheelbarrow has many uses


Never leave tools outdoors. Clean them after use and keep them in a dry place. Otherwise, they will rust and become difficult to use. Put some oil on tools not in use during winter. Oil moving parts regularly. Keep cutting edges sharp – this makes the equipment much easier to use.

Motor mowers and other power equipment should be serviced each winter when there is no rush. Engines last longer and are much easier to start if looked after properly. Get the blades of push mowers sharpened – it makes them easier to use and gives a better finish.

Always thoroughly wash out a sprayer after use and empty out metal watering cans. Do store equipment with plastic or rubber components in direct sunlight because the sunlight will cause them to split and crack.