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High boundary walls (2m) all around, garden faces south.



Case Study No. 1
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Hard landscaping:


The entire surface area is covered with concrete paving bricks except for borders that run around most of the length of walls. The borders are edged with an ornamental raised (10cm) coping that is curved at the corners.

There is a curved basin and wall fountain. The coping and basin surround could be of grey or buff concrete, or natural stone cut to shape. A small circulating pump could be installed in the bottom of the basin.




The plants are mainly perennial flowers with some ferns in the shade of the walls to soften the formality of the hard materials. A few shrubs, including a couple of broadleaved evergreens, give the planting some permanence for the dormant season. Some climbers should be used to soften the walls and make use of the vertical space.


Garden style:


A formal style with the use of formal circles in the border edges and the water feature. The basin fountain cannot be seen until the corner is turned. Because of their small size, paving bricks create an impression of greater space, as does the herringbone pattern.


Maintenance and cost:


Easily maintained; needing only occasional tidying. This would be reasonably expensive because of the amount and type of paving, and the ornamental basin.