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Hedge, wooden fence (1.5 m high), wall at rear; level ground, garden faces west, overlooked from second storey. Problem – to hide a service path and oil tank.


Scanner Q76


Case Study No. 2
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Hard landscaping:


The garden is wide enough to have a service path run behind a screen wall and hedge to a kitchen garden at the back with a shed and a greenhouse. The ornamental area is further divided into a paved area of 60 cm square concrete slabs with a conservatory, a lawn area and a ‘secret’ garden with small paved area and pool This self-contained garden is hidden within a deep border.




The lawn area links the paving and conservatory to the deep border, which contains the bulk of the garden’s ornamental plants. Those near the lawn are tall to hide the secret garden and its access pathway. Some trees help to divide the different parts and also provide privacy. There is a specimen tree near the large paved area. Both sitting areas have ornamental planting but the secret area has most. This is a mixture of shrubs and perennial flowers. The hedge and some of the shrubs are evergreens. A few plants decorate the service path to the fruit and vegetable area.


Garden style:


A semi-formal style, the straight lines of the hedge and paved areas bring in a formal element and make a good foil for the informality of plants. The secret area could be sunken to reinforce its seclusion.


Maintenance and cost:


Considerable maintenance; vegetables, greenhouse, conservatory, mowing, weeding. Relatively expensive; conservatory, paving, pool, greenhouse.