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Low wall, wire fence and hedges (1.8 m high) all around, level ground, house faces east, exposed to south west.



Case Study No. 3
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Hard landscaping:


A driveway provides access and hard standing for cars. The back garden is divided into two parts; an ornamental area and a large kitchen garden. The ornamental area has a conservatory and paved area of 60 cm square concrete slabs. There is a mixed border and a scree bed where it can be seen from the house. The kitchen garden has an access path of slabs leading to a shed and polythene tunnel.




The front garden has two lawn areas, reduced in size by some tree planting in a corner of the larger area. There is a specimen group of three trees. A row of mixed species screens the front of the house from the road, reducing noise. Climbers on the house link it with the garden. The mixed border in the back garden has shrubs, perennial flowers and bulbs.

There are a few specimen trees set in the area of lawn, part of which is intended as a play area. The ornamental area is bounded by hedging. The kitchen garden is bounded by high hedges on two sides and a shelter screen (4 m high) to the south west.


Garden style:


A simple, informal style with the kitchen garden divided away from the rest. Borders and beds are used to break the straight lines of boundaries and hedges.


Maintenance and cost:


Considerable maintenance; large vegetable area, mowing, watering in the tunnel and conservatory. Moderately expensive; conservatory, paving, polythene tunnel.