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High boundary walls on all sides, garden faces west.


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Case Study No. 3 
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Hard landscaping:


The entire area of the garden is paved with 40 cm square concrete slabs laid diamond pattern. The concrete slabs could be grey, red or yellowish in colour. A narrow bed beneath the large window links the house with the garden, and a second one provides interest from the small window.

The shaded corner has a raised (20 cm) pool made of railway sleepers, two high, and a raised bed at the back, four sleepers high. The pool is lined with butyl rubber, taking its shape from the sleepers. There are low level bollard-style lamps to light the garden at night.




The plants in the shaded part are shade-tolerant, broadleaved evergreen shrubs and ferns. The ornamental beds have some shrubs, perennial flowers and provide rooting for the wall climbers. One broadleaved evergreen tree provides a counterbalance to the strength of the sleepers. Plants should be mostly green.


Garden style:


A semi-formal style with strong rectangular and triangular shapes provided by the sleepers. They also provide strong texture and dark colour. Paving could be grey or reddish, toned down by the dark evergreens.


Maintenance and cost:


Easily maintained; occasional tidying. Not expensive; cheap concrete slabs and sleepers, lighting would add expense.