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Wooden fences (1.8m high), garden faces north, overlooked. Trees are a priority.


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Case Study No. 4
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Hard landscaping:


An area of 60 cm square concrete paving slabs links the back of the house to the garden. A second small sitting area is hidden by planted borders on each side of the garden. Most of the garden surface area is taken up by these wide borders.




The paved areas are linked by a curving lawn that takes its shape from the two borders. These are planted with five small to medium standard trees. Underneath these are shade tolerant shrubs and perennial flowers. At the edges of the paving where the borders finish, there are annual bedding plants to provide colour.


Garden style:


An informal style with strong emphasis on woody plants because these are a priority here. Even in a small garden it is possible to create a woodland feeling by using a good number of trees and planting shrubs to hide the boundaries.

The curving borders disguise the length of the garden and give the impression of greater size. The garden will be shaded but this is part of the required style. The lawn will tend to be mossy because of the shade, but this is also in keeping with the style.


Maintenance and cost:


Very little maintenance once established; some mowing, weeding and leaf raking. An inexpensive garden, just plants and the cheapest paving. Semi-mature trees might be used for quick effect.