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Fence (1.8 m high) and hedges (2 m high) with wall at back, level ground, garden faces west, overlooked from rear.


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Case Study No. 5
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Hard landscaping:


The garden is laid out to a pattern of curbing borders with an island bed in the middle. Hard standing for a garden seat is located at the back wall. A large paved area of 60 cm square concrete slabs is bounded by an informal pool and a scree bed. There is a group of clay pots beside the pool for ornament. A shed and compost area are tucked away in a corner.




Trees give height to the borders and the island bed, and provide privacy from the back. The borders and beds are planted with shrubs (including broadleaved evergreens), perennial flowers and bulbs. The garden is very suited to bulbs because of the shade of trees.

The garden seat is hidden from view of the house by the planting and is only revealed by approaching it along either of the two grass walkways around the island bed. The scree provides interest close to the sitting area, and the planting around the pool and paving softens the hard materials.


Garden style:


A very informal style suitable for growing a wide range of plants especially shrubs. The pool divides the garden informally, as do the curves of the island. Views down the grass alleyways lend interest and encourage the curious to explore.


Maintenance and cost:


Considerable maintenance; lots of plants, edges, some mowing. Relatively expensive; paving, pool and a large number of plants.