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High walls surround the garden. Faces east, overlooked from the northwest.


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Case Study No. 5 
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Hard landscaping:


The garden surface is paved with 60 cm square concrete paving slabs laid square in staggered courses. A generous border is left around the walls except beside the sitting area. An open screen fence of dark stained, or black painted, boards (25 x 5 cm) divides the garden to the height of the walls. It has a doorway.

The screen fence cuts off the view from the northwest but it is angled to allow a view of the garden from the small window. One wide, low concrete container provides ornamental interest on the paved area.




A small standard tree (3 metre spread of branches) provides screening from a higher level, complementing the wooden screen. A mixture of shrubs and perennial flowers fills the borders and, in some cases, spills out onto the paving to soften its hardness. Climbers decorate the walls and, by being taller, the tree helps to ‘reduce’ their height.


Garden style:


An informal style, there are no strong geometric shapes. The paving forms a strong, but informal, pattern, and its flatness emphasises space. Suitable for children.


Maintenance and cost:


Easily maintained; occasional tidying. Inexpensive; cheap paving, wooden fence. No pool or ornaments, except one container.