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High walls (1.8 m), garden faces west, not overlooked.


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Case Study No. 7
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Hard landscaping:


The garden is in two parts; a slightly raised (20 cm) terrace paved with 40 cm square concrete slabs, and a lower area of stone paving with a formal pool and raised (15 cm) borders with low retaining wall of the same height. A low balustrade (60 cm) of concrete divides the two areas; two ten centimetre steps provide access.

At the end of the garden facing the terrace across the pool is a small loggia. Trellis fence on either side of the loggia hides service areas. Some containers relieve the flat, hardness of the paved area. Hidden floodlighting and white lights under water for dramatic night-time effect.




Two columnar trees emphasise the lines of the pool, loggia and straight borders. Two others, on clean stems, have rounded crowns to contrast. The borders have a mixture of small shrubs, perennial flowers and a lot of bulbs for year-round interest. The pots on the paved area have colourful annuals and a few more permanent plants. Climbers decorate the walls and make use of the vertical space.


Garden style:


A very formal style with strong symmetry, the informality of plants providing strong contrast. A lot of hard materials – paving, balustrade and loggia providing a great deal of interest and setting off plants well.


Maintenance and cost:


Easily maintained when established; some watering. Expensive; loggia, formal pool, paving, balustrade, lighting.