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Medium height walls, garden faces south.


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Case Study No. 7
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Hard landscaping:


Most of the surface is paved with 60 cm square grey or buff concrete slabs edged with red bricks laid on their edge. An area of ground for a lawn is edged all round with brick to provide a mowing strip. A rectangular pool is also edged with brick.

The same bricks make up the edges of a number of beds and borders. These are all at the level of the lawn and paving except those on either side of the back door, which are raised by fifteen centimetres. Lamps are placed near the pool for reflections at night.




Although most town gardens are best paved to resist wear and tear, many people like to have a small patch of lawn. A mixture of shrubs, some broadleaved evergreens, and perennial flowers are used in the beds and borders to contrast with the even surface, and colours, of lawn and paving. There are some climbers on the walls.


Garden style:


A traditional semi-formal style with rectangular shapes strengthened by the use of brick edging. The pool would need to be made of concrete to ensure a solid foundation for the brick edging. This garden would be suitable for children if the pool was used as a sandbox. The lawn could be taken out and paved if it became a bother.


Maintenance and cost:


Some maintenance required, lawn to be cut. Relatively inexpensive garden, cheap paving. The pool and lighting would add to the cost.