Post category: Continuity of Supply


Most kinds of vegetables are sown in March and April and there is often a glut in late July and August. Try to avoid sowing all the vegetables at about the same time.


Radish only needs six weeks to mature


Sow early varieties in early spring, indoors if possible, to provide supplies in early to mid-summer; sow maincrop varieties in late spring for use from mid-summer to autumn, and for storage into winter; sow early varieties of quick-maturing types in mid-summer for late autumn supplies of tender vegetables.

Make several sowings of the quick-maturing salad crops – lettuce, rocket, radish, beetroot, scallions – and of white turnips, peas, french beans and carrots. Pay special attention to sowing varieties of cabbage, cauliflower, sprouts, spring broccoli and leeks for use in the period after Christmas and up to June.