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Professional advice can be sought and will cost a certain amount of money, but it will be money well spent. Any garden designer will testify that they are frequently called in when mistakes have been made, and money has been unwisely spent.


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Some garden features cost more than others. Lawns are the cheapest garden feature; they even sow themselves as ‘tumbledown’ if left to their own devices! Conservatories, paving, walls, terraces and water features are among the more expensive features.

In general, plants are cheap compared to non-living features like paving, walls and fences. Bedding plants are often considered cheap compared to more permanent trees, shrubs and perennial flowers. However, the expense of three or four boxes of bedding plants each year is equivalent to one decent tree, three or four shrubs and perhaps eight or ten perennial flowers. Perennial plants not only grow in size each year, but new plants can be raised from cuttings, or by division.

Money can make up for lack of time available by paying to have the garden made and maintained by a contractor. Equally, if you have plenty of time available, you can save money by do-it-yourself construction and the propagation of plants from seeds and cuttings.