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Gates and piers set the mood of the garden and the house. Cut-stone piers and wrought iron gates spell wealth; no gates implies an open attitude; high solid gates say – keep out!



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Many modern houses, both in town and country have no gates at all, just entrance piers. Cattle grids have replaced gates in many rural gardens, but they hardly convey the same message as gates!

Gates and entrances to gardens should be in keeping with the rest of the garden in style and materials. For example, a wooden gate might be used if there is wooden fencing or trellis work in the garden.

!Garden gates!
Gates used within the garden can have the practical function of restricting access to certain areas. They might also be used to create a feeling of division between different parts of the garden.

Garden gates have an ornamental function too. A gate is usually quite a strong feature, its approach pathway tending to emphasise it. The gate and its approaches can be worked into a garden design to great effect. A ‘see-through’ gate can made a picture of what is beyond. A closed gate creates mystery.