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If a decision is made to save effort and not grow vegetables at all, it is still worth growing some herbs for fresh-picked flavour. Most kitchen herbs are perennials that come up each year; apart from an annual tidy-up and an occasional run-over with the hoe during the summer, a small herb plot needs no work.




Herbs that are easy to grow include, sage, thyme, mint, french tarragon, chives, and marjoram. Fennel gets big and could be included as an ornamental plant in a mixed border. Horseradish can be grown in some rough corner. Rosemary is a pretty shrub for the border too.

Parsley is a little awkward to grow because it must be sown each year; try it in April and July. Basil is a very nice herb but must be grown indoors in a greenhouse, or on a windowsill. Three or four plants are very little trouble and will give plenty of leaves for freezing.