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Fruits, vegetables and herbs have in common that they are edible plants. All sorts of plants are involved – trees, shrubs or bushes, herbaceous plants, bulbs. Every plant part comes into the reckoning – leaves, buds, flowers, stems, roots, seeds.



Kitchen Garden
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Although fruit and vegetables are usually grown in a separate kitchen garden, some kinds can be fitted into the ornamental part of the garden. There is no reason why an apple tree cannot be used as an ornamental tree in a mixed border, for example. Rhubarb or globe artichokes could be grown among shrubs or perennial flowers.

Although sometimes suggested, it is not practical to grow the ordinary vegetables, such as cabbage, lettuce and carrots, among ornamental plants. The competition is usually too great; they are not decorative and they are likely to suffer severely from snails. But, herbs such as thyme, sage, marjoram, chives, french tarragon and winter savory can be very successfully used as front-of-border plants.