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Large front gardens can be associated with small or large back gardens. Sometimes, they are large because of the unusual shape of a site, for example a corner site. Large front gardens are usually too big and the problem is to make the best use of them.




It is difficult to make use of large front gardens except to use them as ornamental gardens. They are unlikely to be used for some of the purposes to which a back garden might be put. For example, a fruit and vegetable area, greenhouse, compost area, paved sitting area, or children’s play area are not really suitable for front gardens!

Sometimes, the garden may be made suitable for these purposes by putting up a high wall or fence. This is not for long narrow front gardens, but division of the site might be an answer in this case.


Large front garden No. 1


A long narrow front garden might be divided as shown to provide a parking area at a distance from the house, thus giving the house the benefit of the ornamental end of the garden. The division might be simply created by borders that swing out in a curve into the central area, or more definitely by a fence or wall. The farthest part of the garden away from the house might be planted up with trees and shrubs and given an occasional tidy up.


Large front garden No. 2


A wide front garden or a corner site which is L-shaped can be made more use of then a long, narrow front garden. Simply by ‘taking in’ some of the front garden with high walls (minimum two metres), part of what was the front garden becomes a side garden. Any adequately enclosed front area can be used in all the ways that a back garden can. It will only lack a bit of privacy because of the proximity of the roadway.