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Moss thrives where there is dampness. Conditions of poor drainage, compacted soil, heavy soil and shade encourage moss. Avoid siting the lawn where there is dampness or shade. Consider planting such areas with suitable shrubs.

Starved grass, and grass weakened by too tight or irregular mowing, cannot compete with lawn moss. Feed the lawn and mow correctly as the first step to control. Scarifying, by heavy raking or a hired scarifying machine, encourages the grass and dries the soil surface. This can be carried out in autumn or spring.

Chemical mosskillers, such as Lawnsand, sulphate of iron, Mosgo Lawn Mosskiller and Bayer Mosskiller and Lawn Tonic will control moss, but if the conditions remain the same, it will recolonise the area.

Mosskillers are useful for giving the grass a once-off chance to recover while correct mowing and feeding are carried out. On chronically mossy areas, repeat applications will be necessary every year, or every few years, depending on the extent of the problem.