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People are very sensitive to the natural world and this applies to the garden environment too. Our innate sense of danger has a big influence on garden design. We are much more comfortable with our backs to a solid barrier; when looking down from a height; or when hidden from view, looking out.


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People and Nature
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Any sitting area in the garden will feel uncomfortable unless it is backed by walls, fences, trellis or hedges, even low ones. A barrier is comforting.

Despite high walls, if a sitting area is overlooked, it will feel uncomfortable too. A screen, however flimsy, above eye level provides a good hide-away. A raised terrace, or platform can be uncomfortable if it exposes the sitter, even without being overlooked. However, a terrace with the solidity of the house directly behind feels comfortable.

To lend the garden a feeling of seclusion and comfort, it is very important to provide at least one sitting area that is not overlooked or open. People never sit in the front garden if they have a back garden!