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Roses love sunshine; they grow best, flower most and suffer least from diseases if placed in a sunny position. The ancestors of today’s roses came from warm climates in Europe and Asia. They need all the sun they can get.

Roses do not like windy conditions. Provide shelter of trees, shrubs or hedges if the site is exposed, because wind and rain will destroy the blooms. But do not over-shelter rose plants because the movement of air helps to keep the foliage dry and therefore less vulnerable to disease.


Roses need full sunshine


Roses do not compete well with tree or hedge roots. Planted in an unfavourable situation, invariably the results will be disappointing.

Roses need deep, rich soil that drains well in winter but does not dry out in summer. It is worthwhile removing poor soil from the site for roses and replacing it from the vegetable garden or elsewhere, even buying in some good soil.

Work in plenty of organic material such as rotted manure or compost, or a 7.5 centimetre layer of peat. This improves drainage, retains moisture in summer, and promotes deep rooting. The soil should be completely free of perennial weeds.