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The smaller herbaceous perennials are suitable for the front of borders, for banks and low walls, and for rockeries. However, within the range of plants below thirty centimetres, there is great variation. The bigger kinds are much more robust and vigorous and can include plants that were woodland or moorland plants originally.



Small Perennial Flowers
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The bigger sorts such as aubretia, arabis, iberis, erysimum, small phloxes, certain campanulas, saxifrages and oxalis can be used in large rockeries where the ‘rockery’ is really just a flower bed with rocks. They are most successful used to trail over kerbs, low walls and banks.

They can also be used as front-of-border plants where the competition is less vigorous than further back, and to fill in the front of border space, providing useful colour in a key location.

The true tiny alpine plants are suitable only for a rock garden, scree beds and raised alpine beds. Where there is no competition, their lack of size will not be a problem. They also make very good plants for trough gardens and other shallow containers, including ordinary clay pots and bowls for the windowsill.