Post category: Weed control with chemicals


Chemical weedkillers work by destroying the foliage, or by poisoning the weed plant’s internal system. Weedol, Gramoxone and Basta destroy the foliage, the green top of the plant. If the weeds sprayed are annuals without storage roots, they die. Perennial weeds survive Weedol, Gramoxone and Basta in the same way as they survive hoeing.



Deep-rooted japanese knotweed is difficult to kill without chemicals .

Tumbleweed, Roundup and Brushwood Killer work by poisoning the weed’s internal system, which means they have the ability to kill perennial weeds. These chemicals are taken in by the foliage and then passed right down into the storage root system. This makes them more effective than digging for the disposal of perennial weeds.

These translocated weedkillers are very specific though in the way they work, and in what they kill. Roundup kills both grasses and broadleaved weeds. It needs six hours without rain, after application. Brushwood Killer kills broadleaved weeds only and growth must be active. Repeat applications may be necessary. Read the instructions carefully.

There are several chemicals that may be used to stop weed seeds from germinating. These are called residual weedkillers and are used in combination with the contact weedkillers to control weeds on paved areas.