Scorzonera won’t grow for me

QuestionsScorzonera won’t grow for me
Hugh47 Staff asked 2 years ago

When I sow scorzonera indoors, it germinates well enough. But it doesn’t take well to being transplanted. So I sow it in large patio pots (for ease of harvesting); germination is poor, and still most of the plants wither. Is the soil too damp, or too dry? There seems to be no leeway between the two. The local soil is clay, so I’m using compost made largely from forest wastes, mixed with sand. Should I try vermiculite or something else?

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Gerry Daly

Scorzonera is best grown in the open soil, the seeds sown directly and thinned out.

It is easy to grow in the open ground, not good in pots. Transplanting affects the tap root. 

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