Translucent patches on tomato leaves

QuestionsTranslucent patches on tomato leaves
Norma Collins Staff asked 11 years ago

Hello Gerry. The tomato plants in my greenhouse were fine at 12pm today. Only seven hours later, all the plants have some leaves covered with translucent patches. It looks to me (a novice!) as if they were scorched where they had been wet, but I am careful never to wet the leaves when I water the plants. Can you tell me what it might be, what I should do, and whether you think the plants will recover OK and produce fruit? Thanks in advance.

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Norma Collins

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Gerry Daly

It sounds like the plants were scorched by hot sunshine, and the translucent marks have probably dried out.  This can happen after a period of cool dull weather and susequent hot sunshine.

Even watered plants can scorch in some circumstances, especially if the plants have been given a lot fo feed. Ventilation on hot days can help.

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