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Colm Warren Polyhouses Ltd

Diverse needs require alternative solutions! CWP aim to provide the full package at the most cost effective price!

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CWPC.W.P. Ltd has been in business for over 30 plus years now. We manufacture, supply and build curved roof buildings. Initially we have been supplying the horticultural and agricultural industry but more recently we have also moved into Garden Centres, DIY stores and leisure industry. The strength, adaptability and ease of construction of our structures is very much appreciated and the structures can be seen in other industries for example on archaeological sites, waste packaging, mushroom industry, fish industry, store sheds, aircraft and boat storage, over swimming pools etc, in fact anywhere that a low cost, durable structure is required.

Our structures have been specially designed to meet specific customer needs. They are easy to assemble, a pleasure to work in and simple to maintain. We use materials of the best quality when manufacturing our structures.

In addition to a wide range of greenhouses and buildings, CWP also supplies long life water-tight aluminium benching for Garden centres as well as commercial benching directly to the Horticultural industry. As part of the package, we also supply irrigation, heating, ventilation systems, shade structures, windbreaks and moving roof greenhouses.