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Heritage Bulbs

‘Heritage Bulbs’ and ‘Wild About Bulbs’ combined catalogue, offers a wide range of top quality and top size bulbs for your garden, at very competitive prices. We pick out the best performers in each category, with an eye on the unusual and the traditional. All the bulbs are grown by specialists from cultivated sources.

Wild about Bulbs lists all the best bulbs for naturalising and display, at discounted rates for larger quantities. These are all hardy bulbs, sent out in Autumn.

Heritage Bulbs offers a selection of rare, historic and classic bulbs, for the keen gardener and the collector. These are of two main kinds: Autumn planted or Spring planted.

You can also pick out interesting bulb collections, which again offer excellent value.

All bulbs are sent out in prime condition, to customers throughout the EU, by post or courier as appropriate, with complimentary growing notes enclosed. Happy Bulb Gardening!