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NAD | Mo Bacter | National Agrochemical Distributors Ltd

MoBacter moss remover

MO Bacter is an Organic based fertiliser which will feed your lawn for 100 days, destroys moss without turning it black and removes the need of raking out the dead moss. MO Bacter is not a moss killer in the sense that it does not contain any chemicals. It destroys moss by secondary action. That is the moss over feeds on the potash in the fertiliser and because it has a low tolerance of salts it dies. When it dies it will not go black but turns a gentle brown which quickly disappears. Most other moss killers rely on sulphate of iron to control moss. Sulphate of iron is a contact killer and does not destroy the entire plant where as MO Bacter destroys the moss plant completely. MO Bacter stimulates fresh grass growth which will help to fill in the areas where moss has been removed.

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Recovery is the product to use if your lawn has been under stress either due to drought, flooding, hard play, neglect, scarification, or a combination of these factors. Ideal for a follow on from MO Bacter in Autumn. Recovery is Organic based and contains a unique formulation of humic and fulvic acids, which stimulate the grass roots to take up the nutrients in the fertiliser. They also stimulate the micro-organisms which are found naturally in the soil. These micro-organisms are essential for healthy plant growth and help to break down the fertiliser pellets and move the nutrients through the soil to the grass roots.

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BIO-Lime for lawns

Over time our lawns become acidic due to normal mowing, plant activity and acid rain. As this happens the pH is reduced i.e. it becomes more acid and sour. Sour soils become stagnant, oxygen is lost, the grass struggles to take up nutrients whilst moss finds this to be the ideal environment to thrive. BIO-Lime will raise the pH levels, counter-acting the acidity in the soil and creating a healthy growing environment where grass can take up the nutrients and out-compete any moss encroachment. BIO-Lime can be used at almost any time although it is best used in the Autumn, Winter or Spring.

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Best Bloom Rose Food

Roses are the crowning glory of any beautiful flower bed. They provide us with that summertime feel-good factor with both their visual effect and their delicate perfume. But like all good things they don’t just happen. Roses come in all shapes and sizes from hybrid teas to shrub roses, ramblers, climbers and many others. Whatever type of roses you may grow they will benefit from just the right type of feed.
Best Bloom Rose food contains the ideal balance of nutrients to give your roses a healthy feed over as much as 100 days.

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Organic Plantfood

Being Organic this plant food encourages the development of plant roots and micro-organisms within the soil.
It is these micro-organisms which keep the soil sweet, breaking down organic matter. They also move the nutritious elements within the soil to the plant roots where it can be taken up and utilised in plant development. Irish Organic Association certified for organic growers. Apply to vegetables, fruits and herbs. Fertilises for 100 days to bring out the best natural flavours and colours.

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