When you get to know a supplier over the years, trust builds and you have special people that you like to do business with. You support them and they support you.



Polydome Greenhouses

Polydome celebrated 30 years in business on Febuary 14th 2015.

We manufacture Polytunnels in sizes from 2.5m to 9m wide in many different types to suit the preferences and needs of our customers. We can configure each Polytunnel to suit a customers site according to how strong they need it.

We are a leading supplier of Glasshouses in Ireland focusing on the upper end of the market with Janssens and Griffin Glasshouses.

Our display area has over 20 structures that may be seen during office hours during the week and on Saturdays. We are closed on public holidays.

We provide a professional construction service through our employed staff who are very experienced. We provide this service throughout Ireland and even go further afield now and then.

Given the extreme weather we have been having it pays to invest in a quality structure and deal with people who specialise in them and can see your order through from finding the right product to completion without having to refer you to third parties to build them. We are pleased to say this is our business.