Welcome to the new Garden.ie!

As you may have noticed, we have given Garden.ie a much needed facelift and improved the functionality of the site. Garden.ie is a huge site and project and this change has been over 18 months in the making.

We thank you for your patience with us as we get things ready.

Technically, the site is still in “beta mode” whilst we work out the last of the bugs.

There are some new features to the site, like being fully mobile friendly so you can upload photos from your mobile devices.


All the old features will still be there including:

  • What to do now
  • Ask Gerry (this will be live in a week or two)
  • Garden Club. Make your own entries and comments on others.
  • Garden Know How – Learn about plants, garden skills, how to grow and more!
  • A comprehensive guide of Gardens Open to the public
  • Looking for a supplier or a product we have a list of some of our preferred suppliers who more than likely will have what you need!

Some important questions we’ve been asked (if you have any others, please email me at craig@garden.ie) :



How do I log in?

To log in simply click log in on the top right of the screen using your password and username from the previous version of the site!



How do I write a journal entry?

To add  a journal, click onto Garden Club on the main navigation on the site and select “write journal”








How do I add pictures to the journal?

To add pictures, click “add media” on the edit page






Click upload photos where you can upload more than one








Once you see your photo(s) in the preview screen click on them (use the shift key to select more than one)










On the right hand side you can add your own caption which will appear below the picture.
















Press insert.




How do I place pictures with text describing them?

See above.



How do I make an album of pictures?

Albums can be entered in as journals as per point above. Journals can have multiple photos per post. This is designed for a clearer Garden.ie experience.



How do I find out if anyone has added comments to my journal?

Email notifications will be sent when someone posts on your journal. This function isn’t ready but each post should have a comments count on it.


How do I send private messages to other members?

There are no plans right now to reintroduce this feature. Garden.ie has two big facebook presences


and https://www.facebook.com/groups/187980204581160/



If you have any other queries you would like answered, please email craig@garden.ie