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Joan Gallagher

October in the garden

No gardening has been done for the past few weeks while we enjoyed the company of friends from overseas and…

More Salvias

I am frustrated with this site. I am only continuing to post here because I want to keep contact with…

I love Salvias

I have a few Salvias in my garden, all from kind friends on this site over the years. At our…

Declan O'Shea

Pineapple Planting

After potting up the Canas for indoor safekeeping I discovered the Pineapple experiment had grown roots in the jar of…


These are in a Summer container that I bought last year for €3 in B&Q at the end of the…

The Autumn phenomenon

Once again I am amazed at the show of Autumn colour and the fruit in the garden. No matter how…

Busy Lizzie

The Busy Lizzie cuttings rooted well in water. I potted them up a couple of weeks ago. Despite the cooler…



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