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‘Emails disabled’

Hi Craig There is a message at the top of my screen where the journal is written with the message…

Around the garden in a flash!

I like to take a wander around the garden in the evening time, just to see if I have missed…


It’s definitely the simple things in life that give me the most pleasure. I was out in the garden today…

Mostly bargains

I recently got 10 white Pelargoniums for 2.25, 5 Begonias for 1 euro, aPelargonium grandiflora for 1 euro and aDiascia…

Not departed, just dormant!

Hi Everyone, especially Scrubber whose recent comments prompt me to write. No, I haven’t left the site, nor do I…

Sean McKiernan

Apples and dahlias

Not sure what variety the apple tree is as it is a mature tree, when we moved here 2 yes…

Birds eye view of the garden

We are in the process of  doing an attic conversion, well Jimmy is! ;)… the new windows have gone in…

Joan Gallagher

A few recent photos

I haven’t been doing much gardening lately … just deadheading and trying to keep the pots watered!  We have had…



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