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High walls on all sides, garden faces south.


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Case Study No. 2
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Hard landscaping:


The entire area is paved with thirty centimetre quarry tiles to create a feeling of space. There is an ornamental pool that is edged with quarry tiles and a border on two sides of the pool. This is raised about ten centimetres above the level of the paving and pool edge.

Roughly twenty five clay pots of various sizes are used for their own ornamental value and to hold plants. The corner opposite the pool has been left unpaved as a small corner bed.




A variety of shrubs, perennial flowers and some bedding plants are used to soften the flatness and uniformity of the tiles. Most of the planting is permanent but some of the potted plants and the bedding plants will be replaced twice each year.

The potted plants are used in groups to set each other off – shrubs and perennial flowers for permanent shape, annuals for colour. There are some climbers on the walls.


Garden style:


A semi-formal style using diamond pattern paving, a rectangular pool and circular pot shapes. This would be quite plain without the informality of the groupings of pots. The pool is partly obscured by a grouping of pots.


Maintenance and cost:


Considerable maintenance; watering pots. Relatively expensive; tiles and formal pool would be best made of concrete, which is costly.