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Privacy Policy


It is policy that no information actively given to, or passively collected by site traffic software, will be passed to any third party. Personal information will be collected from site users only if freely given in full knowledge of its agreed intended use.


The use of the site by a member of the public is considered to grant permission to to record that use as site traffic, but strictly not to record personal data. No data, apart from site traffic analysis, will be captured without expressed permission. Site traffic analysis data will be used in aggregate for commercial purposes, but will not contain any individual personal data at any time.


Registration of membership with Club will constitute an expression of permission to record agreed personal data, as stated in the Conditions of Club. This data will be used only for Club purposes and not passed to third parties under any circumstances. Membership data, collected in the agreed manner, will be stored for prescribed use at a secure location.


Copyright policy


All rights, copyright, author’s rights, photographic rights and intellectual rights are reserved. No material from this site can be downloaded or copied, except for personal use, and not for commercial purposes of any kind, except by written permission.


Equally, respects the copyright of other organisations and individuals for text and photographs.



Horticultural Policy is dedicated to horticultural excellence and will maintain the site information to the highest possible degree of accuracy. undertakes to adjust existing information, as appropriate, to maintain high standards. Information is provided with the home gardener in mind and it is policy to fairly and accurately serve the interests of garden consumers and the garden industry, making gardening a more successful experience for all.


Products will not be promoted in with unfair or inaccurate claims. Paid promotion and advertising will be accepted. will not be responsible for advertisers` claims, but will not carry advertising that it knows to be unfairly inaccurate.


With regard to the use of garden chemicals, it is policy that products legally registered for use under the laws of Ireland will be mentioned as appropriate. recognizes the individual`s right to choose how they garden, and, in all cases, site users will be offered a choice of not using, or using, proprietary products. Suggestions will be made for non-chemical solutions to problems and chemical solutions will be mentioned where appropriate. The use of chemical products will be suggested only as an option, if appropriate, and always in accordance with best horticultural practice and safe use.


Defamation Policy


Individual site users must be aware that any material they contribute to is a publication. It is expected that contributors will not publish any material that might be considered defamatory. It is policy on defamation that if a person considers they have been defamed, slandered or otherwise unfairly referred to in a publication on the website that the person will, in the first instance, make the Editor of aware of their complaint in writing. undertakes to take note of, and immediately acknowledge, any claimed defamation, that all such complaints will be immediately investigated, and the offending material, if it is considered defamatory, will be removed within the shortest practicable time.



Policy on unfair use


The facilities afforded to users on this site are for personal use only. Commercial messages and promotional material are not to be inserted in Members’ pages or in the Talk section, or to contact Members with a commercial message. Commercial exposure and advertising space is available on the site at a competitive rate and this generates revenue essential for supporting the site. reserves the right to decide what constitutes a commercial message and unfair use. A member who has inserted the message will be informed of this decision and asked to remove such material. reserves the right to delete or disable pages that carry a commercial message which is considered unfair use and is left in place after notice has been given.