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Gee-up is pure simple organic fertilizer. It is composted odourless horse manure, one of the best sources of all the nutrients and humus to acheive healthy fertile soil.

Made near Blarney, Co. Cork by Bill and Judy Wigham.

Gee-up is horse manure and the stable bedding, nothing else added, it is simply composted over time naturally reaching temperatures of up to 60 degrees Centigrade, this kills weed seeds and results in a wonderful textured, dark brown, friable and odourless compost. It is peat free, excellent for the soil, easy to dig in, very effective to use as a mulch as it looks great and provides nourishment and humus, and helps to keep the moisture in.

Dig Gee-up in to your soil when you’re planting and spread as a mulch to let the worms do the digging for you. It fertilises and improves the soil by slowly releasing nutrients and adding humus.

Gee-up is very useful in pots and baskets as it helps retain moisture and feeds the plants, so that no liquid feeds are necessary.
Horse manure contains a full range of both major and minor nutrients, it produces Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potash as it breaks down, as well as adding humus to the soil.

Gee-up is Ph. neutral 7.0, suitable for all plants and conditions. It can be used all year round and will not ‘burn’ the roots as it is well composted, different in every way from fresh manure.

Available in garden centres and delivered anywhere in the country see or phone 021 4381485
Gee-up, Clogheenmilcon, Blarney, Co. Cork.



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