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Lost spring!


March of many weathers, indeed it was, the whole gamut, and very little of it was good for gardening. But all is not lost —  a few warm days at the start of April are as good as a fortnight in February or a chilly March. Days are longer than nights now and plants respond with ever-more rapid growth and quickly the waterlogged, sticky soil will dry out. The trick is to pick up on the changed conditions as soon as they allow, and The Irish Garden has lots of timely advice, ideas and tips from our expert writers in WHAT TO DO NOW and KNOW-HOW.

Is it time for a NEW LAWN MOWER? There is a remarkable range of makes and models in all sizes, price ranges and levels of design sophistication, and we feature a representative sample. In PLANT PROFILE, James Wickham celebrates flowering cherries and explores the best of the exuberant varieties and mentions those that bring more subtle charms to the garden.

In GARDEN HISTORY: Under a gooseberry bush — the secret of old primroses? Charles Nelson tells the story of Eda Hume and her passion for primroses. In GARDEN VISIT: Shirley Lanigan visited Ann and Dave Burnett’s naturalistic garden in the foothills of the Dublin Mountains. In DESIGN DESK, landscape designer Gabriele Sanio tackles the tricky design of a large rural garden with much of the site to the front of the house.

In NOTEBOOKS, Mary Waldron sings the praises of the Cretan arum while Carmel Duignan relates how she began gardening with alpine jewels. In GARDEN CENTRE EXPERIENCE, Phyl Fagan won €300 to spend on plants for her garden at The Orchard Garden Centre, Celbridge, Co. Kildare.

In STYLE ESSENTIALS, Lindie Naughton has collected ideas across a range of garden accessories and equipment. In PLANT PEOPLE, Fionnuala Fallon visited Dermot Carey, specialist vegetable grower at Burtown House, Co. Kildare, supplying fresh vegetables year-round. Wildlife expert  Éanna Ní Lamhna relates how to encourage garden birds.

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Good gardening!