Boundary Wall

Bernie Grace asked 13 years ago

Our back lawn flooded last winter for the first time ever. It borders onto farmland (not our property) and even though it is the first week in May the flood over the boundary wall is still visable. The right hand side of the garden flooded approximately 30 feet inside the boundary and approximately the same width.We have work commencing soon and the contractor proposes building a low wall inside the boundary wall to prevent future seepage. The site is 112 foot approx wide with a traditional stone wall with a wooden fence on either side the back lawn is approx a third of an acre. What can we do to disguise this new low wall and would welcome the opprotunity to finish the garden nicely

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
This problem is one that you need to consult an engineer, the loading of water on the wall, the foudation etc, all need to be carefully worked.

You might alternatively consider simply raising the soil level by bringing soil.