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Sile Ni Bhaoill asked 15 years ago

Our house is a modern red brick dormer on an acre site. We are now developing the garden and have sown a lawn and planted some trees. The lawn is divided by a driveway up to the house. The look is very plain and uninteresting. Some planting is required. Could you recommend some plants that would be fairly easy to maintain and look well.

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
The key aspect to consider in the design of a large garden, which an acre, 4,000 square metres, is, is to take an overview and not to engage piecemeal. Often, this is a problem for those inexperienced in garden design because it is on a much bigger scale than they are used to.

As a general rule, a site of that size needs large plants, namely trees to fill space, and one-third or half the site area can be planted to trees, usually to fill the corners and boundaries, leaving occasional gaps for good views, or just for a gap. These trees are normally planted small, which is cheaper and more effective.

Within those boundaries, the lawn size, and mowing requirement, is reduced. Other features such as island beds, ponds, paving and flower borders can then be slotted into place. The best approach is to make a plan on paper and sketch in features from a list of requirements. Every owner’s requirements are different and it is important to match the design to these. When features and planting areas have been chosen, then plants can be chosen with a greater chance of a good outcome.

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