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Carol O\’Connor asked 13 years ago

Hi Gerry, I have a square garden. We had it re-lawned last year so the grass is not that established. I want to incorporate some life into but am not a natural green fingers so am looking for maximum effect, minimum effort. Ideally low maintenance colourful shrubs with a bit of a wild look to them; I’m mad about the wild look. On sunny days the garden gets the sun for the entire day. I do not know what the soil type is.Any suggestions on what to grow would be appreciated as I haven’t the first clue what to do! Thanks a million,Carol

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
The new lawn can get some spring lawn feed to give it a boost in early April.

Regarding the rest of the space, much depends on what you like. There is no right or wrong style.

Start by listing the things you want the garden to be or to provide: leisure, vegetables, flowers, shrubs, pool etc. Refine the list, do not try to pack everything in.

Then try to pick out areas that would suit the list and block these out on a rough drawing.

Then work out a schedule and priorities … and begin a list of plants.

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