Blueberry Bush damaged by wind

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Joan Kiernan asked 15 years ago

I think I may have lost a lovely blueberry bush, it may have been damaged by very windy weather in May. it was in full bloom, but alas now looks all shrivelled up. I have other b’berry plants also in containers and they look ok. I water with rain water.If I cut off the damaged parts would it recover?

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
When a plant collapses like that, it would be logical to suspect a root problem, or damage low down on the stem.

The root prblem could be a disease or vine weevil. Leave it be and see what happens. If it was wind damage to the stem, it might produce some new growth low down. But if nothing happens, it might be worth investigating the roots to see hwat happened.

Brown rotted roots means root rot and feeding on the roots might indicate vine weevil larval damage.