Frost eroding my earth bank

Tony Fitzgibbon asked 13 years ago

i have a raised area at the back of my house due to the house foundations being dug out. this is where my veggie patch is. my problem is that is eroding my bank. i have lost a foot or so over the last 2 bad winters. any tips to stop this bar building a retaining wall?

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
Usually this erosion diminishes with time as the angle of repose of the soil is reduced. That it, when the slope is steep, there is more erosion.

A nice way to hide a steep slope is to plant a hedge in front and let it grow up, and back, to fill the gap. From the lower level it looks like a hedge, from the higher level, it looks like a clipped top at ground level.

The presence of the hedge will offer shelter and stop the erosion eventually.