hard landscape for front garden

Nancy Emde asked 13 years ago

We have recently removed old brick planters and now have a blank canvas at the front of our house. We have an old cement sidewalk that goes around the side of the house that we need to cover up or redue. I am wonderng about a low wooden walkway and deck. Is it okay to have a deck at the front of the house as long as there are plants blocking the view from the street?Or would another type of walkway and patio be better. Thank you

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
In general, decking is a good solution where there is a slope and especially in seaside gardens. It is not a direct substitute for  paving. In this case, paving would look better and last better.

If you go to a variety of paving suppliers, you will soon see suitable alternatives and then it is down to personal choice and price.