ideas for japanese style patio

Deirdre O Carroll asked 13 years ago

My enclosed patio measures 12ft wide by 23 long. My sitting room faces onto it. It has a wooden railing along the front. A sun room faces onto one side and a low red bri ck wall makes up the 4th side. It is paved with ordinary grey slabs, not in great condition. Unfortunately it has a washing line, tho it is removable and a built in barbeque, wooden rectangular table and chairs. I feel I could do a lot more with the space and like the idea of Japanese planting. It is south facing.Because it’s narrow, I’m not sure how to manage the space. What plants are suitable, eg would bamboo be okay in a container in a sunny position? Needless to say, am on a budget!

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
A small paced area needs some plants, not many, but a few are important. These can be grown in the open soil or in pots. It there is currently no access to soil, consider removing some slabs from corners and areas where they is no foot traffic. Or place pots in areas where you do not need to access.

Bamboo is a possibility, also Japanese maple, phormium, agapanthus and hosta, mong many others. Use spring bulbs and summer bedding to give colour. Visit some garden centres and see what they have for pots.

If you are growing in pots, try to use large pots that do not dry out as quickly, also the fewer the number pots the less watering and try to group pots for effect.