Low maintenance plants

Marion Cusack asked 16 years ago

After building an extension onto our house our front garden needs a complete redo. What would you suggest as low maintenance plants that look good all year around. We plan to put in a decent sized flower bed and a roll out lawn. We would need something that would screen a wall about 4.5 feet high at the back of the flowerbed and then various heights and colours. Also our backgarden is completely paved and would appreciate any suggestions as to what would look good all year round.Many thanks for your help.Marion Cusack

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
Very few plants are the same year-round … phormium and astelia are two.

In principle, you need to choose smallish shrubs and perennial flowers that need little maintenance. Shrubs could include potentilla, hebe, lavender, cistus, genista, santolina and yucca.

Perennial flowers such as phormium and astelia, kniphofia, libertia, dierama, shasta daisy, aster, diascia, montbretia and heuchera.

Much of this is a matter of personal preference, visit Gardens to see and visit garden centres.

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