Need 50 meters of shrubs for privacy

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Eimear Kirwan asked 9 years ago

I have a wall at chest level height at the side of my house that gives people full view of my whole house & garden. I need to block this view fully. I know it will be expensive but I want looking for shrubs that are unusual & fragrant or something that looks beautiful & will grow to approx 2 meters. It would have to be evergreen. I live in a coastal area in Tramore. I would appreciate your suggestions.

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
The easiest and quickest solution, though not necessarioy the cheapest, is to riase the chest-high wall by 40 to 50 cms. Most people cannot see over a wall 165cm (5′-6″) high. And it is aleady a nice stone wall.

Otherwise a hedge can be planted, such as laurel, holly or olearia and kept at two metres.

You could plant a mixture of shrubs, but it is not a great idea as these will all grow at different rates and need more mangaing for pruning and weed control.  Add pittosporum, escallonia and phillyrea to the ones already mentioned.