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Fionnuala O\’Connell asked 13 years ago

Hi Gerry, we have a farily big garden and are trying to get started with planting etc. There are 2 large old beech trees at the front with beds beneath them – in the shade, have you suggestions for what hardy plants/shrubs might grow successfully there with a splash of colour? At the back there is a large open area, of dark boggy soil that we hoped to plant also – any suggestions for that soil? Lastly we wanted to begin a fruit/veg plot in the same soil, what might grow best? Thanks !!!

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Under beech it is difficult to get anything to grow. Try spring bulbs and bluebells to follow and plant some ferns. The shade tends to be heavy and the ground dry.

Dark boggy soil is fine for most plants as long as it is not waterlogged in winter. If it is wet in winter, you need to use mositure-loving plants.  Go to our Plant directory and search by type and you will find lots of possibilities.

The same soil can be very good for vegetables if it is properly drained. Fruit trees tend to be too vigorous and soft on bog soil but try them on a drier part.