Planting sloped area outside house which had grass

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Mary Whittle asked 8 years ago

Unusually for housing estate have small triangle of grass between footpath and garden wall. Not sure of ownership but trying to check with council. With advancing years have removed grass from front and back garden, leaving this as only tiny patch requiring mowing and ownership of law mower. Thinking Mypex, and trailing plants, biggest problem is slope making mulch or chippings difficult to keep in place. Suggestions of plants etc.

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Bark or stone will slide off Mypex ground cover material more quickly than off soil, so apply bark to the soil, perhaps scoring little terraces across the slope to give a little grip or leaving the slope somewhat roughly dug at the surface. Any shrubs of choice will suit a bank, but lower kinds such as cistus, genista, lavender, teucrium and santolina look well.