Screen for a long narrow garden,overlooked at rear

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Peter O\’Driscoll asked 14 years ago

Can you please recommend a screen to cover a high wall at the rear of a long narrow garden, overlooked at rear? Privacy is an important goal. I would like year-round interest if possible.

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
If the garden is long and narrow, there will be room to plant a screen and any one of a range of smallish trees can be used. Birch is good, fast, but deciduous, although a deciduous screen is often enough. You can use evergreens such as pittosporum, griselinia, laurel or Olearia macrodonta, with the advantage that all of these can be cut back if they get too big and they will re-sprout.

A long narrow garden might only allow screening for part of the over-looking houses … the ones on either side still being visible at an angle at the house end. You migh consider a hedge or screen, lower in size, at about two metres, closer to the house, behind which you can sit and use the garden without being overlooked.

A division of a long narrow garden into two parts can be very effective by creating two ‘rooms’, and these give the impression of more space and can be used for different uses.