Screening needed for privacy!

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caroline farrell asked 16 years ago

Hi Gerry! Moving into our new house in a housing estate soon. Back garden is small – 15metres in width & 9 metres in depth. A 2-storey house is very close on one side of the back wall & we need tall trees or high shrubs to screen it off. Using a ladder to help determine height of screening needed, we think we need 13 ft. in height & a total width of 7 metres to do the job. I suppose that we need to go for mature trees. I guess that evergreens are the only way to get that screening 365 days of the year. Or is putting trellis on top of the back wall & covering with fast growing climbers an option? We are prepared to pay whatever it costs – within reason. Your advice & help on this one would be much appreciated! Many thanks!

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
Although trees will help they will also create a barrier from your side. You could plant a range of broad-leaved evergreens, such as griselinia, pittosporum, olearia or laurel.

Trees for screening do not have to be evergreen – deciduous kinds are good too, though not a solid screen in winter and allow some light into the space at a dull time of year.

You could also create a pergola or similar cover that will give you privacy when using the garden but not hem you in, or a combination of both.