shrubs to cover walls

Eileen Keohane asked 13 years ago

I have removed ivy on 3 walls of south facing garden& would like your advice on covering walls with evergreen low maintenance shrubs in a space that is now gravelled and with small patio near house,The back wall facing north is overhung by large plane tree and leylandii. Garden is facing south but gets sun only on patio due to these trees .

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
Unless the wall are very ugly, it is generally best not to cover the entire wall with climbers. The contrast between wall and climbers is much more effective.

If you are looking for evergreen climbers, there are very few to choose from … ivy of various kinds; evergreen Clematis armandii; Uruguay ivy,Cissus striata; jasmine and passion flower which will not flower well in shade; potato vine which does flower in low light.

If you have acidid soil you could grow camellia as a wall-trained shrub … it does well on a north-facing or shaded wall.