suitable plants for Sloping Banks

clody ennis asked 13 years ago

To the side of our front garden, we have a steep Bank sloping, (25 mtrs. in length & about 2 mtrs drop) into our garden from the adjoining property. We have had to put drainage to prevent heavy rainfall turning the area into near like waterfall conditions.many thanksCan you advise? 91We have planted 4 pampas grasses and 6 phormiums. The soil is sandy. We intend to mulch this area with pebbles but would like to plant some suitable shrubs to add interest and colour to compliment what we have. Any suggestions.

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
The best way to deal with a bank of this kind is to plant it out with a mixture of trees, shrubs and perennial flowers. Stone on a bank constantly moves down and weeds sprout in it.

Choose a few trees, perhaps three, such as birch, laburnum or acacia, soms shrubs such as hypercium, potentilla, fuchsia,  lavender, viburnum, cistus and spiraea and perennials such as pampas, phormium, red-hot poker, geranium, dierama, osteospermum, teucrium, perovskia and Japanese anemone.