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Brendan Clarke asked 14 years ago

Recently have moved into house with a small garden pond, about 1.5m diameter. As I have absolutely no experience in Pond maintenance, could you help me out please? there already seems to be some algae or other matter formin on the surface. There is some greeenery growing in the pond also.

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
A small pond is always a biit tricky, Try to keep leaves and other debris out of it. Pond plants help to reduce algae by using the nutrients in the water and by shading some of the surface.

There is a strong likelihod that you will get algae for part of the year, in the warmer months, and it will clear.

Emptying it and clearing it out is not a solution. It is better to allow it to settle and to simply remove leaves and dead foliage of water plants.