Wet corner of lawn

Tony Fitzgibbon asked 14 years ago

We have a lawn at the back of our house, and one corner can be very wet in winter and spring. Are there plants that i can put in, to soak the water? i want low lying plants that will not block our view from the back window in our kitchen. the area is about 10ft by 5ft approx. i thought about a small pond but the area is too small.

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
You could either drain it by digging a soakaway to get the water down fromt he surface or treat it as a bog garden with plants that like wet ground, but it must not dry out too much in summer. Suitable plants include: candelabra primulas, ligularia, certain irises, mimulus, peltiphyllum, gunnera, loosestrife, lysimachia, sedges and lysichiton.

But it is quite a small area and will not accept many plants, some irises and primulas might be enough.